Good Day

Good Day

Monday, January 17, 2011




I’ve started de-cluttering my house, which should be pretty easy, since a lot of it is junk. Sadly, I am not progressing as quickly as I want to. Why is that? Because of my thought processes. Yes, that’s right...the way my brain processes things is actually slowing me down. I need to justify (to myself) every decision to get rid of something.

Take, for example my fabric collection. I have some wonderfully quirky pieces that I bought for special projects years ago...projects that I procrastinated on for sooo long that my kids have actually outgrown them. Now, I am NOT going to save them for my “potential” grandchildren, but at the same time I don’t want to throw them out. I have quilting friends, who might want these pieces, but these are special pieces, and I doubt that they want to make quilts with “bug” fabric or “flame” fabric. So there they sit in my living room, because I refuse to throw out new, never-used material. Now multiply this dilemma x 50 and you see what I am up against.

Aha! I know of some lovely women who make children’s toys...maybe they can use them. See, if only I had started blogging about de-cluttering last year, I may have come up with solutions that would result in my house being clean and organized today.



  1. I understand! I have to be in a different frame of mind when decluttering. Whenever I hit a road block item, I just set it aside and move on. You could always put the extra fabric in some of your new storage bins until you find someone that might be able to use it. Or donate it to a second hand store or put it out there on facebook to see if you have any takers. That way you're not throwing it out, but you can get it out of your house if you're sure you won't use it.
    I tend to just close my eyes and throw when I declutter...and surprisingly, I haven't regretted throwing anything out yet! =)

  2. I thought I should post the stuff that I want to get rid of on FB to see if anybody wants it. If nobody wants it, then I'll chuck it, but at least I'll have tried.