Good Day

Good Day

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Teeny, Tiny Houses

Erik has been working on a homeschooling project for the next homeschool fair, coming up on the 16th of April.  He had decided to make a model of a German town during WWII and use it to show Urban Warfare during WWII.  The terain for this model town in almost done and the whole town is on a piece of styrofoam that is apr. 2' x 4'.  Tonight I was giving him a hand painting houses for the village.  Since I have a pretty steady hand with the finer painting, he had me paint the grocery store's name, the church (including stained glass windows), and window panes.   Most of the houses are made out of the styrofoam that you use to arrage flowers in.  Here. take a look!

Here he is, working away.  He cuts, glues and
paints every individual shingle on the roof.

A house and a grocery store.  Notice the quarter I put
 beside the house to give you an idea of the scale.

Erik had me paint the German name for "grocery store"  I couldn't believe it was so long! 
Do you see the side of the building,
under the window?  He even put little posters up.

Propaganda posters, which would have been very
authentic for the time period.

Here's another house...this one has stilts in front
holding up the overhang.

He made the church, but I offered to paint it, since I love detailed work and he doesn't.  I wanted to try and paint it to look like one of the old Gothic stone churches.  A quarter is placed beside it for scale.

The model soldier standing in front of the side door
of the church is from a Flames of War set and they
are less than an inch tall.  Erik painted it. 

The "stained glass" windows in the church.

I will post more pictures once he finishes his terrain.


  1. My jaw dropped when I saw the little houses! All that detail - it must have taken forever. Good job, guys! You're incredibly talented.

  2. Thank you Emilie. My jaw drops when he paints those teeny tiny men. They are even smaller than the houses!

  3. wow! I am showing this to Mason in the morning he will flip his gourd! Amazing Eric and Kate!