Good Day

Good Day

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

High Speed...

I'm lying here on the couch and my brain is just buzzing.  That is the problem with me having body could be exhausted, but my brain is running on high speed and won't slow down.  Some of the topics that I am thinking about are

How do you teach your teenager to stick to a job, even if it is boring?
Why does cheddar cheese taste so good at bedtime?
Are these bad allergy symptoms or do I have the start of a spring cold?
Why do Amish dresses look so pretty to me?
What does "honouring your parents" really mean?
Do I have any Lindor chocolate in the house?
Should I get up and get more cheese?
Will I get up on time?
Why does my neck hurt?

If you are wondering why I am thinking of Amish dresses, well we had a small group of Amish drop by yesterday afternoon for a few minutes...horses and wagon and all.  Today we had a guy from church, his roomate and his dog drop by for a visit.  You just never know who will drop by for a visit in the country.


  1. I think Amish dresses are pretty, too. I like the 18th century farm dresses and white aprons better, though. Did you end up with any Lindor chocolate in the house? If so...can I have some? =) mmmm.

  2. Abi, the 19th Century Regency dresses are my all time favorites (although I LOVE the civil war ones with their pinafores on little girls). I did find a couple and I will bring one to church on Sunday, just for you. Remind me if I forget to give it to you!

  3. I like watching "The Village" just to see all the pretty dresses. Too bad I'd be stared at like a freak if I started walking around in an apron though...