Good Day

Good Day

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

23 Things~StumbleUpon

I am getting out of order today, because StumbleUpon was the most annoying, irritating curatorial site I have ever come across, and I might as well blog about it now,while it is still fresh in my memory.  The web page didn't look like the web-shot in the instructions and it didn't want to let me log on through facebook, it was not user friendly and I would have had an easier time surfing Google and finding thing than trying to find anything on StumbleUpon. I'm searching for books and it is flinging suggestions such as news articles titled: "Woman Locked Away in Psych Ward for Being Spiritually Devoted". Its search categories are too broad.  I found something to post, Tweeted it, and I'm now planning on deleating my account.


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