Good Day

Good Day

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

23 Things~Reflections

My favorite thing was Pinterest! I've been a Pinterest fan from when Pinterest had very little content and was still in Beta-testing mode. I also think that Pinterest and BiblioCommons tie for being "the most useful" thing of the "23 Things".  As to what I was surprised to discover? Not much. I live with a tech savy 20 year old son and have been exposed to many of these tools already. To be honest, it was a tad interesting, but nothing really jumped out at me as a "Wow" moment.  I can see lots of advantages to using some of these tools in the workplace, especially for programming (did I mention Pinterest is my favorite for finding program and craft ideas?), and also in my homesteading and my historical reenacting. I feel very relieved that it is over, as finding the time to do the 23 Things was rather daunting when you are working part time and are dealing with illness and medical procedures. I liked learning about new computer apps and programs, but I really did not like having to try and blog about it. I am a verbal person and would rather discuss it with other people in person. As to what I have learned about myself?  Nothing...not really. This exercise was pleasant and informative, but really didn't stretch me in a way to reveal any new disclosures.  Then again, maybe my other interests and hobbies have jaded me. It's hard to compare the challenge of primitive camping or butchering your own animals for food to being able to install a Pinterest Button or make a Wordle cloud. But fear not, 23 Things people...I appreciate learning new skills and will put some of these tools to use in my professional life.  You're welcome to stop by my blog and maybe learn 23 Things about homesteading and history.

Back to regular programing.

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