Good Day

Good Day

Thursday, February 20, 2014

23 Things ~Tweeting

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have resurected my old Twitter account and I am still not impressed with it's usefulness in my personal life, since all of my friends and family are on Facebook, and I like to keep it simple and have one less password to remember. I also didn't find it as easy to use as Facebook, but that is probably just from lack of practice.  However, I decided to see what it was that attracted other users who swear by Twitter, (not one of our assignments, but I was curious), and found that these are the top reasons why Twitter can be a fun and useful: You can use it for announcements, short posts and linking interesting things; "Hashtags" are fun to use (yes, I was really told that); and it's handy when you want to comment on online articles, so I can understand it's usefulness.

Photo by Amos T Fairchild


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