Good Day

Good Day

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

23 Things~Multimedia

Ever since we got rid of cable TV, YouTube has been been my go to place for entertainment, social action, and education. There are tons of fun and interesting videos, especially on the topic of "Homesteading" and self-sufficiency (my other passion).
It's been interesting to see how other libraries have used You tube to promote programs, to engage with their patrons, and to advocate the importance of libraries.  There are several other video based social networks out there, like Vemio (my husbands favorite sight), but I much prefer You Tube for its user-friendliness and ability to keep all of my videos in seperate lists by topics.
I'll be back later to blog about podcasts in a little bit, but for now, I'll leave you with a fun video on how some children view libraries:
Produced by Bored Shorts TV


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

23 Things~Social Reading

Ah...Vision (or Biblio Commons, as we library people call it). 
Why more people don't use "My Vision", I do not know. I like the fact I can make customised lists, look at book reviews (and even write book reviews, if they didn't give my nightmarish flashbacks of school book-reports). Be sure to check it out.  I keep track of the homesteading books and gardening magazines I want to read.

 Photo by Kate Waller

Thursday, February 20, 2014

23 Things~Pinterest

The holy grail of all that is on the internet. Yes, I am Pinterest addict from way back when you had to be invited by someone to get an account. I love Pinterest and have been using boards to gather ideas for story-time, our Children's Dept., craft ideas and library diaplays from waaaay back. I think it beats the heck out of, because I am a visual person and love to have the pictures pop up, which will take me to the exact post where I found the idea. The downside of Pinterest is that you have to make sure that you can legally copy it, which can sometime be a pain.

23 Things ~ Wordle

Wordle: homesteader100

OK, using Wordle was fun ( ) and easy. You can have it grab words from your blog, or you can generate one using your own words. The challenge of posting it on my blog brought on a whole other level of frustration.  I wish Blogger would remember that we are not all as computer savy and give us a few more hints on how to add URL's.  I also wish the Wordle link would not look so blurry.


23 Things ~Tweeting

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have resurected my old Twitter account and I am still not impressed with it's usefulness in my personal life, since all of my friends and family are on Facebook, and I like to keep it simple and have one less password to remember. I also didn't find it as easy to use as Facebook, but that is probably just from lack of practice.  However, I decided to see what it was that attracted other users who swear by Twitter, (not one of our assignments, but I was curious), and found that these are the top reasons why Twitter can be a fun and useful: You can use it for announcements, short posts and linking interesting things; "Hashtags" are fun to use (yes, I was really told that); and it's handy when you want to comment on online articles, so I can understand it's usefulness.

Photo by Amos T Fairchild


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Library Things

So I'm taking part in some online training and will be recording my experiences here, in my old blog. This could be a good thing, since I always start a blog then forget to post after a time, making for rather long pauses. Today's assignment: start a blog (or in my case...resurrect an old blog).
I also got back on my old twitter account. I realised that I didn't miss it, and I still have nothing important to say.